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St. K's Pop-Up Presents.. INKY CAT

Inkycat is a small ethically run fashion label which makes clothing from recycled fabrics. Each clothing item is 100% unique. Inkycat will be selling clothing and jewellery from the winter collection “texture me” there will also be work from artist such as Melissa Gilbert who is a young artist who’s use of bold loud colours to help portray her works. She will also be doing an interactive art piece to educate on the importance of gardening.  

Melody-jazz and Zanalee are a photographer and graphic designer combo who create zines based on the area they’re from (West Auckland) and pop culture. they combine photography and illustration to make people laugh, cringe or shock. 

Eridani has a degree in psychology and a diploma in permaculture, and a diploma in therapeutic massage. She will offer yoga classes and one on one yoga therapy at Inky Cat.