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Thievery & World Pop-Up

Thievery and World are taking over the NEW St. K's Pop-Up until the 8th July! get in.

A bit about Thievery:

So you might have notice there are a lot of skulls around here...Not to be morbid or anything but death is a pretty central theme here at THIEVERY. 

We live by the Latin phrase Momento Mori which means 'remember no one lives forever.' The idea came from Ancient Greek philosophers who believed that by confronting our own mortality we would live more in the moment, stress less and be all round better people.

We think they were onto something - by accepting that we're all going to end up dead, all that 9 - 5 office stress seems pretty insignificant, right?

Naturally, when we came to designing our range, we figured the skull would be appropriate. It's a reminder of what's to come, and a reminder to live while we can and treat everyone with respect because mortality is one of the few things we all have in common. 

You're going to die - buy the groovy skull t-shirt!