St. K's Pop-Up Presents: Marigold Lane
to Sep 23

St. K's Pop-Up Presents: Marigold Lane


We are a brand that focuses on bringing East and West together and blending the two cultures together. We believe in surrounding life with colour and embracing beauty in the everyday. Our team develops the collections for Marigold-Lane with the belief that colour is the most dynamic and easiest way to uplift. Our products are extremely rich in their heritage and are inspired from the rich heritage of the maharajas of India. We emphasize the use of natural materials and quality workmanship to suit from classical design to eclectic, modern and contemporary style. Our team makes frequent visits to India and personally handpicks our products to ensure they are unique, and exclusive maintaining a high standard of quality. We take great pride in working with women in rural areas of India where these women handstitch our products with great love and commitment.

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St. K's Pop-Up Presents: Step Up Industries
to Oct 14

St. K's Pop-Up Presents: Step Up Industries


Step Up Industries, an International brand management company will be hosting its annual sample sale. Across the week you will find unreleased samples, one-off pieces, and end of season clearance items from brands such as HUF WORLDWIDE, LRG, SPY OPTICS, and more.

There will be a big range of clothing, footwear, accessories and sunglasses, selling at up to 80% off the RRP pricing.


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St. K's Pop-Up Presents: Fraser Crowe
to Oct 21

St. K's Pop-Up Presents: Fraser Crowe


Fraser Crowe pushes against trend focused fashion, thinks about the future of the planet, and designs clothing that feels gorgeous to wear.

The Fraser Crowe design team challenges the norm in their ideological approach and thinking towards the future of fashion design.

Producing high quality sustainable garments that are directional, Fraser Crowe questions traditional approaches and sites on the body with flexible designs. The inventive nature of the garments reflects a confident sophistication and timelessness. Fraser Crowe's approach to fit and sizing offers fluidity away from traditional size conventions.

As ethically and environmentally motivated designers, and lovers of clothing and textiles, the team deliberately strays from the typical fashion model. Along the supply chain Fraser Crowe's manufacturing process takes responsibility in creating authentic products that consider issues and consequences for people and the environment. Their striking designs pay homage to luxurious textiles utilising Fraser Crowe’s unique art prints, at the same time focusing on traditional crafting, employing construction techniques that promote longevity. The design process cuts patterns that minimise textile waste, while multiple functionality of the styles provide opportunities to wear the garment in more than one way; potentially extending the versatility of each item of clothing.

All Fraser Crowe products are made ethically in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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St. K's Pop-Up Presents: Nisa
to Sep 9

St. K's Pop-Up Presents: Nisa

St. K's Pop-Up is Proud to be supporting Nisa!

About Nisa

Nisa is an underwear label that aims to help refugee women from the bottom up. Our underwear is lovingly sewn by women from a refugee background in a sunny studio in Wellington, New Zealand.

To make the world’s best undies

Our mission is to provide them with meaningful and interesting paid work, while at the same time making kick-ass undies.

Our impact

For most of our employees, working at Nisa is their very first job in New Zealand. Their language skills improve, along with their self-esteem and independence. They’re providing for their families, and catching public transport for the first time. They’re finding pride in their work, and gaining experience for potential future employment.

Our sourcing

We care about our sourcing. We use GOTS certified organic cotton wherever we can, and we source our super soft elastics from Portugal

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St. K's Pop-Up Presents: Perfume Playground
to Sep 2

St. K's Pop-Up Presents: Perfume Playground


We design plant-based, ethical fragrance for brands, people and places who share a passion for scents ability to inspire, connect and be wholly life-enhancing.

Inspired by your unique journey we freshly formulate your essence into natural fragrance ready for you to share with the world.

We highlight hero botanicals, Australasian natives when it works with your style for body, sensory experience or space.

Our design approach elevates and celebrates your inherent beauty working towards a world where everyone feels their best.

Handcrafted with love & science. For information on scent design, visit our website.

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St. K's Pop-Up Presents.. INKY CAT
to Jul 22

St. K's Pop-Up Presents.. INKY CAT

Inkycat is a small ethically run fashion label which makes clothing from recycled fabrics. Each clothing item is 100% unique. Inkycat will be selling clothing and jewellery from the winter collection “texture me” there will also be work from artist such as Melissa Gilbert who is a young artist who’s use of bold loud colours to help portray her works. She will also be doing an interactive art piece to educate on the importance of gardening.  

Melody-jazz and Zanalee are a photographer and graphic designer combo who create zines based on the area they’re from (West Auckland) and pop culture. they combine photography and illustration to make people laugh, cringe or shock. 

Eridani has a degree in psychology and a diploma in permaculture, and a diploma in therapeutic massage. She will offer yoga classes and one on one yoga therapy at Inky Cat.

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Thievery & World Pop-Up
to Jul 8

Thievery & World Pop-Up

Thievery and World are taking over the NEW St. K's Pop-Up until the 8th July! get in.

A bit about Thievery:

So you might have notice there are a lot of skulls around here...Not to be morbid or anything but death is a pretty central theme here at THIEVERY. 

We live by the Latin phrase Momento Mori which means 'remember no one lives forever.' The idea came from Ancient Greek philosophers who believed that by confronting our own mortality we would live more in the moment, stress less and be all round better people.

We think they were onto something - by accepting that we're all going to end up dead, all that 9 - 5 office stress seems pretty insignificant, right?

Naturally, when we came to designing our range, we figured the skull would be appropriate. It's a reminder of what's to come, and a reminder to live while we can and treat everyone with respect because mortality is one of the few things we all have in common. 

You're going to die - buy the groovy skull t-shirt!

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to Jun 3

St. K's Pop-Up Presents.. Etta Every - EP & Fashion Launch


Etta Every is cinematic and story-driven, formed by the juxtaposition of an earthy grittiness and a dreamy ethereality. This is played out in pieces that are simple, layerable and easy to wear working back with more strongly conceptual, detailed, complicated pieces. Put together, they're designed with an emphasis on comfort and practicality, but most of all to endow the wearer with a sense of safety, individuality and strength.

Playing into the cinematic dynamic of the brand, collections are designed alongside music produced by The May Project, Etta Every's musical counterpart (see here).

Etta Every is 100% made in New Zealand and committed to being kind to people, kind to New Zealand, and kind to the earth. We currently only produce in small quantities, purchasing fabrics primarily from local suppliers and supporting local business. Etta Every pieces are designed to last and designed with an eye to timelessness. If you have any questions concerning ethics we would love to hear from you: it's an important conversation.

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St. K's Pop-Up Presents.. Gooseboards
to May 27

St. K's Pop-Up Presents.. Gooseboards


Come and Check out the great vintage boards from Gooseboards all week from the 21st - 27th May. 


Why is Goose Boards Here and Why should you care? 

Gooseboards started out in 2016. By a couple of dudes who were working in a co-working space called Mosaic Workshop in Morningside, Auckland, NZ. 

Meet Jared - Artisan, dreamer, maker, surfer, skater, one eyed wanderer, writer and story teller, husband, adventure over money, inkling of the heart believer. 



Meet Ryan - Design spinner, family lover, goose owner, recent skater, scenic route preferrer, quote sayer, photo maker, doer over sayer, non-avid reader. 


We got together one day in the shared space and decided we needed to do something of our own. Something we could be proud of, that used our skill sets and to learn off each other, and somewhere to try out things that have been bubbling away in our hearts and minds for a while. 

Jared: "Lets start a skate brand."

Ryan: "OK. Sounds rad. I don't skate. I'll learn" 

Jared: "Yea man. It'll be awesome!"

Ryan: "Ha, yes!"

That was pretty much the process of the beginning. 


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to May 20

St. K's Pop-Up Presents.. Y-Our Hands


Popping up this week at the arcade are a range of products from ethical brands including RACHEL MILLS (fashion locally made from surplus + organic fabrics), Petley (hand whittled kitchen utensils from gifted wood), Y-Our Hands (hand-skill workshops, locally made products, second hand finds) and more.

Register for the Wednesday workshop here:


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to May 13

St. K's Pop-Up Presents.. Birthday Suite Album Release by Kody Nielson

This week St. K's Pop-Up will be home to an experiential release of Kody Nielson's 'Birthday Suite' album release.

Come in and experience the album in the flesh!


Forever twisting genre, technique and persona, Kody Nielson continues to be one of
New Zealand’s most vital musicians. Nielson’s groundbreaking production, songwriting
and exhilarating live performance with art punk pioneers The Mint Chicks helped to
secure the group fans worldwide and five New Zealand Music Awards for their 2007
gold-certified album Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!
Since the group’s disbanding in 2010, his solo project Silicon has been praised by the
likes of Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake, as well as winning the prestigious Taite
Music Prize for the 2016 album Personal Computer. Alongside his work with Bic
Runga and their group Opossom, Kody has been an integral collaborator in brother
Ruban’s project Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and is presently touring with UMO as
Now, Nielson returns with Birthday Suite, notably the first full-length to be released
under his own name. Set for release via Flying Nun Records on May 9, this auspicious
release date marks Kody’s own birthday; with each of the record’s 12 songs written for
one of the artist’s family and friend’s birthday. Birthday Suite’s instrumental concept also
sees each single on the album unveiled to coincide with the namesakes on birthday.
Birthday Suite is an energetic, elaborate set of instrumental arrangements
comprised of drums, bass guitar, strings, electric piano and synthesizer. A concise and
challenging experimentation, Birthday Suite takes ques from everything from the
baroque to Afrobeat, Jazz Fusion, Psychedelic Rock and offbeat explorational sounds
while maintaining a commitment to classic songcraft and musicianship.
First single Bic’s Birthday – sees baroque melodies skating with graceful aplomb over
funky drum beats, calling to mind Wendy Carlos or CAN, while second single Ruban’s
Birthday is a short, sharp composition melding psychedelic string arrangements with
swirling drums and organ. 
His constant ability to agitate and explore his own boundaries, has seen Nielson cement
his position as one of the most urgent and interesting characters in New Zealand’s
music history.
Birthday Suite by Kody Nielson is out worldwide on Flying Nun Records on May 9 2018.

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St. K's Pop-Up Presents.. STALGIC SOCIETY
to May 6

St. K's Pop-Up Presents.. STALGIC SOCIETY


Take a trip down memory lane with the Stalgic Society, handpicked and reworked designer vintage threads popping up at St. K's Pop-Up (Shop 21) from the 30th April - 6th May. 

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Rose Tinted Flowers Launch - With UN's International Day of Happiness!
1:30 AM01:30

Rose Tinted Flowers Launch - With UN's International Day of Happiness!


K’Rd will be more colourful than usual on the morning of Tuesday March 20 thanks to St Kevin’s Arcade florist handing out free flowers to weary city commuters.

In honour of the UN International Day of Happiness, Rosie of Rose Tinted and her team will be spreading a little joy at what can be a stressful time of day.

“Everyone immediately lights up around flowers,” she says. “The different colours and fragrances are an immediate sensory experience.”

Science supports this with a survey conducted by Rutgers University showing flowers elicit true happiness and elevated mood in 100% of the people who receive them as measured by ‘the Duchenne smile’.

Additional research by Harvard showed that if people are around owers even for just a few days they feel less stressed, more compassionate, more energetic and happier in general.

The most popular reason for giving flowers was found to be ‘just because’. “They are a great way to earn brownie points,” says Rosie.

Tuesday may be a good opportunity to snag a couple of freebies but Rosie also has an in-bloom floral subscription service for a year-round boost, creates bouquets for weddings, occasions, events or retail installations and you can pop in to her retail stores for an on the spot arrangement of fresh cut stems.

A former advertising executive, Rosie says she makes more people happy in her current job.

“Even if people don’t have time to stop and smell the roses, they’re bound to love a little pick-me-up.”

Rose Tinted Flowers is in St Kevin’s Arcade and Ponsonby Central. Visit them online at

For interviews, information or imagery, contact Miranda Likeman,, 027 296 2124

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