Established in 2012, Tart Bakery is a small family owned business that prides itself on yummy, fresh food made from scratch. 

We are against the McDonaldisation of the food industry. Philippa, a mother of five kids (who all help out at the bakery), founded Tart Bakery simply because she loved baking, and wanted to share this passion with her neighbourhood.

We love doing catering and orders. Try and let us know what you'd like the day before, to ensure we can make that happen for you.

We use stone based deck ovens to create the best food consistently. Our bakers, Philippa, Taz and Andrew start at 3am daily to bring you beautiful bread, pastries and other delicious baked goods. 

It's food made the old fashioned way; authentic, organic where possible, and minus any nasty chemicals. Tart Bakery is a preservative free zone!

Come in and say hello; our friendly staff love to meet new people, chat, and feed you fabulous food! 





MON-FRI 8.30am-5.30pm
SAT-SUN 10am-5pm

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