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Our store name La Samsara was inspired by the sanskrit word Samsara, which is the journey of the soul through many lifetimes. Until one finds Nirvana or liberation/ the ultimate truth, the soul wanders without any purpose or direction from one life to another. It is an eternal journey but one's karma (actions/inactions) can drastically change the future of the soul. We are a family owned and owner operated store that hand picks a lot of its products from pretty much everywhere. We have a wide range of handmade products by small artisans from Asia and also New Zealand. We do not support the culture of cheap products and do conscious responsible buying and urge our customers to do the same. We may or may not find nirvana in this life time but let us at least wander in the right direction towards the well-being of everyone on this planet and not just ourselves. 

TUE 10am to 5pm
WED 10am to 5pm
THU 10am till 6pm
FRI 10am till 5pm
SAT 10am till 5pm
SUN 11am till 4pm